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Phyllis Mc Duff : "Writing Your Memoir " Workshop

Phyllis Mc Duff author of best selling memoir ' A story dreamt long ago ' will share her experiences at a one day workshop associated with the Kaiyar Exhibition, on Saturday 20th November 2004, from 9:30am.

Click Here for her details and to enrol in this workshop or phone 3803 0529.


Mark Feldman : "Writing and Performing Rhyming Verse " Workshop

Mark Feldman, the author of three published anthologies of poetry, "The Music of the Pen", "Visions of the Quill" and "Blue Rinse Hoons & Fire Ant Follies" will conduct the above workshop for poets at Kaiyar on Sunday 21stNovember, 2004, from 2:30pm.

Click Here for his details and Click Here to enrol in this workshop or phone 5496 1157.
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